Diving & Swimming


Preliminary A at 8.00am on Friday 4th March, 2022 
Preliminary B at 12.30pm on Friday 4th March, 2022 
Preliminary C at 8.00am on Monday 7th March, 2022

Spectators are permitted. As per the requirements of MSAC, 18 years and above will need to provide proof of vaccination upon entry to the facility.

Seating will be allocated for spectators separately to schools and we request that physical distancing is maintained and their is no interaction with students or staff.

Mask wearing rules apply, within the current Government directives.

Diving Preliminary Points Swimming Preliminary Points
Preliminary A Dive Scores Preliminary A Swim Results
Preliminary B Dive Scores Preliminary B Swim Results
Preliminary C Dive Scores Preliminary C Swim Results

Championship Diving Division Allocation

Championship Swimming Division Allocation

Division 3 at 8.00am on Tuesday 22nd March, 2022
Division 2 at 12.30pm on Tuesday 22nd March, 2022
Division 1 at 8.00am on Wednesday 23rd March, 2022

Diving Championship Points Swimming Championship Points
Division One Dive Scores Division One Swim Results
Division Two Dive Scores Division Two Swim Results
Division Three Dive Scores Division Three Swim Results

Finals Evening 7.30pm (doors open 6.30pm) Friday 1st April 2022

2022 GSV Dive & Swim Finals Evening Program

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Diving & Swimming Finals Evening Results

Venue: MSAC, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park (Mel Ref 57 G4)

2022 Live Stream links below

Diving Live Stream

Swimming Live Stream

  • Toorak
  • Strathcona
  • Stmargarets
  • Stcatherines
  • Starofthesea
  • Siena
  • Shelford
  • Sacrecoeur
  • Ruyton
  • Plc
  • Sion
  • Olmc
  • Mlc
  • Mentone
  • Melbournegirlsgrammar
  • Lowtherhall
  • Loreto
  • Lauriston
  • Korowa
  • Ivanhoe
  • Genazzano
  • Firbank
  • Fintona
  • Camberwell