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  • About Us

    Girls Sport Victoria is one of the largest independent girls’ schools sporting Associations in Victoria. Within GSV member schools nearly 15,000 girls from years seven to twelve have the opportunity to be involved in more than 20 sports in weekly competitions, carnivals, tournaments and events.

    GSV encourages all girls to participate in school sport, whether it be trying a new sport in a non-competitive environment or representing their school in GSV interschool sport and carnivals. GSV also offers a number of opportunities for girls wishing to compete at an elite level.

    School sport enriches girls’ school lives. Being part of a school sporting team helps them feel valued by and connected to their school community. Girls who play sport not only benefit from the physical activity of training and playing sport, they develop friendships with their team mates, learn about the highs and lows of life, but importantly, maintain a healthy balance between study and co-curricular activities which ultimately assists them to perform well academically.

    Girls who enjoy sport in their teenage years are more likely to develop a positive attitude to women’s health and a lifelong love for physical activity and sport.

    (The History of GSV can be read here).


    Weekly Sport: Australian Football, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Indoor Cricket, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo

    Carnivals: Cross Country, Diving and Swimming, Track and Field

    Sports Development Programs: Diving, Fencing and Track Cycling

    Other Events and Tournaments: Senior Basketball Tournament, Year 7 Sports Expos, Golf Tournament, 5 A Side Soccer Tournament, Triathlon Event and Lawn Bowls

    Representative Sport: Cross Country, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball and Water Polo

  • Our Policies

    Extreme Heat

    Cancellation of GSV sport due to extreme heat is made at the discretion of the GSV Executive Officer. GSV follows Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) guidelines for extreme heat which considers the WBGT (wet-bulb globe index) and a guideline temperature of 35C. Any decision to cancel sport due to extreme heat would be made by 1.30pm and communicated directly to schools.

    GSV has a Sun and Heat Protection Policy which provides guidelines for the protection of staff and students from the effects of heat and exposure to the sun.

    Wet Weather

    GSV encourages sport to be played in all weather conditions unless it is unsafe to do so. Any decision to cancel GSV sport should be made taking into consideration the Bureau of Meteorology radar.

    GSV Carnivals and other events will only be cancelled under extreme weather conditions. Any decision to do so would be made by the Executive Officer.

    Any decision to cancel home and away weekly sport due to wet weather is to be made by the home school in consultation with the away school and umpires as necessary.

    Hockey is played on all-weather surfaces and will only be cancelled due to hail, lightning, torrential rain and/or poor lighting. Cancellation of matches is made by the umpires at each venue.

    Junior Netball is played at central venues and any decision to cancel matches is made by the Venue Convenors.

    GSV has adopted the following Policies:

  • Our Principles

    We acknowledge the vision and initiatives of women for sport in girls’ schools in the past century. The great heritage they established inspires a continuing commitment to the promotion of sport for girls. We recognise that women and girls are not an homogenous group and with differing social, cultural, economic and physical backgrounds and circumstances they face a variety of barriers to full participation in sport, recreation and physical activity.

    Therefore, looking to the next century, a group of Melbourne Independent Girls Schools have combined to develop a new organisation, GSV, whose guiding principles are:

    • The promotion of girls sport
    • Enhanced opportunities for participation in elite, competitive and recreational sport and physical activity
    • Accessibility to a diverse range of programs
    • The fostering of individual talents, team spirit and commitment
    • The pursuit of excellence
    • A commitment to the highest standard of ethical behaviour
    • A commitment to the promotion of health and well being of all girls
  • Acknowledgements

    Girls Sport Victoria Inc (GSV) commends the Principals of the original 24 participating schools for their vision and commitment to the ongoing development of girl’s school sport.

    Early in 1999 Mrs Fiona Preston was appointed as Project Officer. Working collaboratively with all of the 24 schools and the Heads of Sport Programme Planning Committee she developed the sport programme for 2001. We thank her and the committee for their insightful planning particularly those who have worked diligently on the GSV project since its inception; Craig Harris, Debbie Bennett, Cathy Hunt, June Ward, Fiona Shepherd (1999), Jennifer McIntyre (2000), Andrew Potter (2000) and Dean Rossato (2000).

    GSV extends its thanks to the significant role that has been played by the Presidents of the Association – Mrs Christine Briggs (1999 – 2001), Dr Anne Hunt (2001 – 2002), Ms Rosa Storelli (2002), Dr Jane Munro (2002 – 2003), Mrs Margaret Webb (2003 – 2007), Dr Susan Stevens (2007 – 2013), Mrs Christine Jenkins (2013 – 2015) and Ms Linda Douglas (current). GSV expresses its sincere appreciation to all Directors of Sport and Physical Education and Sport staff for their continuing support and contribution to the GSV project.

    GSV continues to thrive on support from a very talented team of resourceful personnel. A sincere thank you is extended to the many Sport Working Committees who have contributed to the planning and for preparation of their particular sport(s).

    GSV thanks Tim Frampton (O’Donnell, Frampton, Salzano Lawyers) who continues to willingly share his knowledge and experiences and has helped to guide the development of GSV. We thank Peter Court and staff of Singleton, Ogilvy and Mather for the creation of the GSV logo. Thanks are extended to the many Victorian Sport Associations and Organisations for supporting the development of GSV, particularly those involved in the Year 7 Expo.

    We wish to acknowledge Kiemi Lai (Victorian Women’s Cricket Association), Vicki Szpak (Hockey Umpiring), Andrew Bailey (Victorian Softball Association), Ian Greener (Victorian Soccer Federation), Andrea McColl (Women’s Golf Victoria), Chris Simington (Surf Lifesaving Victoria), Steve Teakal (Football Victoria Development), Lydia Zakkas-Victor (Melbourne Taekwondo), Michael Pratt (Triathlon Victoria), Victorian Diving Association, Swimming Victoria and Athletics Victoria for their expertise and guidance in their particular sport. Appreciation is extended also to the schools and community venues that hosted various sports particularly Melbourne-Tooronga Cricket Club and Metropolitan, Kew and Commonwealth Golf Clubs.

    GSV expresses its sincere appreciation to the staff at Melbourne Girls Grammar for their continuing support of the administration activities of GSV at their school. GSV expresses its appreciation to the office staff for their continuing excellence in the presentation of sporting programs. We wish to acknowledge past staff Fiona Preston (2001), Katrina Wood (2001), Ingrid Burfurd (2002), Jenny Burgess (2002 – 2003), Kim Taylor (2002 – 2003), Jo a’Beckett (2003- 2006), Kelly Featherston (2007 – 2009) and Leonie Mawkes (2006 – 2015).

  • Contact Us

    Address: Sports House, Level 1, 375 Albert Road, Albert Park, VIC, 3206
    Telephone: (03) 8639 0377

Meredith Prime

Executive Officer
Governance, Sponsorship, Major Event, Management, Policy Development, Organisation Development.
0407 742 299

Annie Gibson

Sport Officer
Sport Skills Program, Representative Sport & Interstate Challenge Tournament, Sports Leaders Breakfast, Event Management.
0407 742 266

Crystal Cheung

Sport Officer
Weekly Sport, Website Development, Publications, Year 7 Sports Expo, Triathlon, Results, Event Management.
0458 772 217

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